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Heading off to college?

Happy August TLG family!

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if we’re speaking from a parents perspective), with it already being the 2nd week of August, that means school is right around the corner!

Are you heading off to college this year? If so, there’s a pretty good chance you will be required to live in a dorm room on campus.  This article has some great information and checklists for dorm room essentials!

We definitely think the key to packing and purchasing, is to try and keep it light.  The majority of dorms are TINY, so trying to focus on the essentials is a good idea! Also, find out from your school what the dorm room comes with. For example, will it have a microwave, refrigerator, what size bed, desk, desk chair, etc.  This way, you will have a better idea of what you will need.

Also, if there’s a way to contact your future roomie, I highly suggest doing so! Not only will you be able to get to know each other a bit before moving in, but you can maybe split some of the decorations or appliances (if it doesn’t come with the dorm).

Good luck to all the kiddos heading off to college! (Shoutout to the class of 2021!!) And an extra special good luck, congrats and high five for their parents! 😉 Don’t worry mom & dad, it’ll get easier!

**What do you think? Is there anything you would add or suggest? Comment below or on our Facebook page!

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